Iceland Trip with Mr. Fortier, Ms. Cronin, Ms. Adams

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Date: April Vacation (April 24 - May 1), 2010

Geocaching Travel Bug - "Iceland & Beyond"

Pre-Trip Preparations
Handout from lunch meeting (9th graders did not get this)

1. Medical Information
Do not pack medicine in your luggage. Make sure it is in your carry-on in case the luggage is delayed. Also, check in with the chaperones about this.
2. Passports
-Your passport allows you into Iceland and back into the US. Please make sure it is secure during the flight. Figure out where you will keep it for the flight. You will need it to board the plane and when we get off the plane going through immigration then customs (for the US too).
- Please bring a copy of the front page of your passport to any meeting before the trip. We will take the copies with us to ease difficulties in case your passport gets lost.
3. Money
The exchange rate is about $1US= 125 Krona (This is when your estimating skills come in handy!) Many things in Iceland are very expensive including snacks and drinks.
4. The experience

Part of the learning and joy we get from traveling to a different part of the world comes from experiencing different cultures, food, history, geography and environments. We are expecting you to observe and experience as much as possible, be respectful to others in our group, our hosts and others (especially when we enter a new setting), be safe, and of course follow directions. Make sure to ask questions for clarification when needed.
5. Personal Items - Consider the following for packing. Not a complete list . . .
Be able to dress in layers.
Have enough clothes to switch into if we get rained upon. Rain gear/poncho
Bathing suit
two pairs of shoes? (wear the biggest ones on
plane; also consider if it’s muddy/wet; also make sure you have worn new shoes to avoid blisters!!)
water shoes for hot springs? Or flip flops?
Small flashlight ?
Hat / gloves
Watch (so we can meet on time)
Daypack or fanny pack
Travel alarm clock
Electrical converter not just adapter
Camera and extra batteries
Medicines (in carry-on)
Sun block?
Journal / pens, pencils
Eye glasses / sunglasses
Water bottle
GPS ? – See Ms. A for one if you want.
Book to read – definite for down time!
Small NH items to share with 2 schools
Pictures of Rye or NH
Travel guide ?
Snacks for plane and bus trips during week

Heard the weather fluctuates during the day (“wait an hour and it will change . . .” type of thing.
* There is a weight limit now for luggage on most airlines.
6. Preparation
-Try to learn some basic Icelandic. Hello, thank you, goodbye, please . . . bathroom (Men, Ladies).
(Go here)
- Also, research some more about where we are going. We do have some free time built in and we will need some ideas!
- We will arrive at 6:30 am (which will be 2:30 am our time!), and will not stop to sleep. We will spend the whole day sightseeing! Be prepared for jet lag and try to sleep before we go.

  • Let’s have fun! Mr. F, Ms. C and Ms. A

Schools in Iceland

Barnaskolinn -